Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Med Student Kills Thief with Samurai Sword

Yes, you read that right. Go check out this post at the lawblog The Volokh Conspiracy and read the comments. Best one so far:

"I would charge him with being unbelievably awesome. The penalty would be appearing in a movie based on his exploits."


  1. One wonders if the argument could be made that the offender may not have stood a better chance of surviving if the victim here had had a firearm. It is probably arguing from a weakened position to posit this as a case for relaxed gun control, but nothing else seems to be working in the People's Republic of Maryland. Once the limbs come off, it istough to make it to the hospital. Guns as the "more humane" response, an intriguing idea.

  2. There's one of those in the corner of the bedroom, behind the backup shotgun. It started as a collector's item than I thought. hmmm. the ultimate backup.

    You never know.