Friday, August 20, 2010

Value of a Quick Draw

In this post, Hell in a Handbasket says that a quick draw of your defensive tool may not be that big of a deal:

I’ve never been very keen on developing fast draw skills. Though necessary for
competition, they should be unneeded for defense as long as someone maintains a
decent level of situational awareness.
Caleb disagrees, and outlines the value of having your defensive tools out and ready lickety-split in this post on his encounter with a would-be mugger. I'm with Caleb on this one - practicing your draw from your carry setup is a valuable use of your time.

Uncle approximates his draw time as such:

I can draw and fire center mass accurately in over a second but less than two.
Not a real spiffy time but, you know, not a slouch either. And that’s with a
Glock and a CompTac. It’s faster with a Serpa holster and much slower when I
pocket carry.

That's a good place to be and I'm somewhere in that band of performance. So are federal air marshals - their standard is to draw from concealment and fire two rounds in 1.65 seconds.

As Todd G at says, "Call me crazy, but I'm going to keep working on my draw."

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