Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Emergency 911 Cell Phones

In my post on Go-Pants I mentioned the importance of having a cell phone (or pocket to carry one) in your home defense kit. In this post, I'll discuss a gadget that makes this easier.

But first, let me clarify: though I didn't mention it, I was certainly armed when the suspicious character in my Go-Pants post knocked on the door. I wouldn't answer the door under these circumstances unarmed. Sebastian voiced this concern, I just wanted to set the record straight.

Back to helpful gear. In this comment, Joe recommends having an old cell phone handy because all cellphones are required to dial 911 free of charge. Sounds like a good idea. I'll have to dig up an old phone and keep it handy.

If you don't mind paying money for an emergency phone, the folks at have you covered. A student brought one of these in to my last legal seminar on self-defense laws in Virginia, and it seemed pretty useful. It comes with a neck lanyard (all the better to record your defensive encounter with while keeping your hands free to manipulate a handgun, flashlight, and guide loved ones to safety) and a single button preprogrammed to dial 911. The price seems a bit steep - $189.95, but there are no monthly fees associated. I'm not sure on dropping the scratch to get one, but if price were no object the simplicity of it is hard to argue with. Here's a picture:

Anyone own one of these things? Is the money worth it or is there some charitable cell phone recycling program that achieves this on the cheap?

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