Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CLE for Virginia Gun Law

I am happy to announce that we are filling out the forms for CLE credit for Virginia. If you want to register for the October 23rd seminar, and want CLE credit for it, the fee is $125. We are submitting an application for 2.5 hours of CLE credit. Sorry, no ethics hours.

Non-attorneys are also invited, cost is $75/$65 for VCDL members.

We plan on three hours minimum of instruction, with a couple of short breaks in the middle that will boil down to 2.5 hours of credit. The outline is as follows:

  • General legal guidelines for the use of force
  • Justification versus Excuse
  • Self-defense
  • Virginia's lack of a "castle doctrine" - and why it (mostly) doesn't matter
  • Defense of Others
  • Defense of Property
  • Purchase and possession of arms in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • What is "open carry" and what is "concealed carry" in Virginia? Not quite what you think.
  • Virginia Knife Law (a surprisingly active area of the law)
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement Officers
  • Travelling armed: planes, trains, and automobiles
  • What to do when in other jurisdictions: a practical "travelling" mode for reciprocal states
If you are interested, email me at defensivehandgun@gmail.com.

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