Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Couple of Interesting Cases

In this post, Greg and Beth link to an attorney discussing a recent decision regarding a man in Florida convicted of unlicensed concealed carry. A man in the common area of his apartment complex was threatening everybody around with death and empty beer bottles, so he called 911 and confronted the man with his handgun. He holstered the handgun as police arrived, not wanting to have it in his hand and alarm the police and not wanting to leave it on the ground for the drunk assailant to pick up. The police show up and he is charged with ... wait for it ... carrying a concealed weapon. His shirt covered the weapon and his carry permit had expired - so it was unlicensed concealed carry. Open carry is illegal in Florida, period. So I don't know what the guy could have done. From the lawyer's write-up, it appears that his defense counsel wasn't that great and the appellate court opinion makes reference to the judge taking note of the defendant's demonstrated proficiency with guns several times. Anti-gun judge + bad defense lawyer = conviction?

In totally unrelated news, police officers arrived at the apartment of a woman fighting off her irate ex-boyfriend. Her restraining order didn't prevent his attack. Go figure. Anyway, the police show up as the ex is about to stab her and shoot at him. They end up hitting her and the police bullet is listed among the causes of death. Worse yet: she was pregnant.

No legal lesson there. Call your shots. Take ownership of your bullets.

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