Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jamaican Me Crazy

I bet you're familiar with the "90% of the guns in Mexico" drumbeat from gun control corners. This has been debunked, but it persists.

Bet you haven't heard about the new push for gun control based on someone else's problems: Jamaica! Jamaica? Seriously?

Yes. H/T to Ride Fast.

By gun control logic, Jamaica has no excuse for gun crime problems. As Dave Kopel explains:

Jamaica played that card out when it replaced an already-restrictive gun
licensing system with the Firearms Act and the Gun Court Act of 1974. The Acts
provided for gun confiscation, house-to-house searches, incommunicado detention,
secret trials, warrantless searches and seizures, and mandatory lifetime prison
sentences for the possession of even a single bullet.
Gun courts sprung up in the Northeast, symptoms of a concerted effort to stigmatize firearms and ultimately their lawful ownership under increasingly restrictive gun control laws. Good thing we don't have anybody in a position of power who would summarily deprive people of their gun rights without due process:

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  1. "Jamaican Me Crazy" Cute title, wish I thought of it. Heh.