Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slide-Lock: Practical

Richard Mann recently asked whether a handgun's slide-stop serves a practical purpose or if it is just an administrative function of the handgun.

Here at TDHB, we see it as a practical tool for the simple reason that it lets you know that you are out of ammunition and need to reload. In the endless debate over the respective merits of the AR vs. the AK, the AK loses out on reloads because it does not lock the bolt to the rear when the last round in the magazine is fired (unless you find some magazines with specialized followers - I have some Yugo mags that do this).

The loudest sound you will ever hear is a click when you expect a bang (or a bang when you expect a click).

While Mr. Mann may be comfortable with removing the slide stop from his Glock, I'll keep mine installed.

Uncle has some similar thoughts, and GunPundit as well.

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