Sunday, July 5, 2009

California-Legal AR-15

The Firearm Blog highlights a new California-legal AR-15 made by Daniel Defense. It has a magazine release that can only be triggered by a bullet tip or similarly-shaped tool so that it does not violate California's "assault weapon" ban.

While it's easy to make fun of re-engineering rifles to meet goofy legal standards, Daniel Defense deserves credit for supporting the gun culture in California. It's an uphill battle.

This interview with Alan Gura highlights the other front in the war on California gun laws: the District Court for the District of Columbia.

D.C. copied California's gun laws and pasted them into their own firearm regulations. This includes the roster of "safe" handguns that California maintains. Their definition of "safe" is pretty nonsensical; a gun that is perfectly "safe" in an all-black finish is "unsafe" in a two-tone finish. The District just relented and decided that they will expand the list to all guns similar to the ones on California's list as well as the guns on Maryland and Massachusetts lists and all guns made prior to 1985.


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