Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lead Dispenser

A stakeout in New Jersey turned into a two-way live fire reenactment of the bank robbery scene from Heat. One of the now-deceased badguys used a Mossberg pump shotgun to wound several officers, a couple severely. The Jersey City police chief has some *insightful* commentary:

"We need help to stop these weapons from hitting the street," said Police Chief
Thomas Comey. "This weapon is manufactured for nothing other than to hunt man."
Come on, now. This is the darling of gun controllers everywhere. After all, if you have a pump shotgun, the sine qua non of self-defense firearms according to self-identified gun haters who don't know anything about guns and don't care to learn, you don't need that evil handgun.

This was an argument advanced by the District of Columbia in the Heller case, and one rightly rejected because you can do one critical thing with a handgun that you can't with a shotgun - hold a home invader at gunpoint with one hand and dial 911 with the other.

David Codrea has some related commentary here. Along with a photo of a Mossberg pump shotgun equipped with an ACOG scope meant for engagements beyond 200 meters. Not a setup I use or endorse, but it looks really cool.

The bottom line is that with the right training, any firearm can be an effective tool. Even one with a manually operated action. A lead dispenser is a lead dispenser is a lead dispenser. Allow me to illustrate.

Here's video of Xe's shotgun course and some dude slinging a pump like nobody's business:

Army Marksmanship Unit shooters demonstrating speed reloads:

Practice makes perfect, as the titular competition shooter demonstrates. If you compete in cowboy action shooting, you take a stage name. I present the aptly-named "Lead Dispenser."


Shooting a Stage

Playing Music With Steel

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