Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interstate Carry and "Travelling" Mode

Caleb has a good post up on the differences between Indiana and Michigan concealed carry statutes. Bottom line: don't drink while you're packing in Michigan.

As reciprocity grows, concealed carry requires taking the law of other states into consideration. As a minimum, I consider the following questions before taking a road trip through another state:

1. Is my permit reciprocal/honored? If no, don't carry. Comply with 18 USC 926A. Also, is there a state AWB magazine or ammunition problem with my carry gun?
2. As a fallback, is there an allowance for a gun in the glovebox without a permit?
3. Can I carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol?
4. What is the law on open carry? I say this last one reluctantly - while OC is legal in Virginia and required in restaurants, it is legal but unexercised in other states and will get you a whole lot of unwanted attention.

Part of carrying interstate is also having an idea of what a default set of defensive force laws looks like across the US. I teach this in my concealed carry classes - Virginia law versus what most everyone else does for self-defense. Other states might look to the Model Penal Code for guidance, but not Virginia; we're still living in the year 1620.

On a related note, I am putting on a legal seminar on Saturday, August 22. More information here.

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